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By Ahmed Ezz, التعليقات على How to configure TL-WA901ND V3 as an Access Point مغلقة Wireless networks

 The topology below shows how the access point works:   Note: 1.    To work as an access point, these devices are ‘plug and play’. Please find the default wireless network name and wireless password on the bottom label of the access point. If you want… Read More »

By Ahmed Ezz, التعليقات على NV5 High-Performance Infrared Motion Detector مغلقة Paradox

The NVX80 is a powerful indoor / outdoor detector that is highly sensitive, accurate and maintains reliability, even in extreme environments. The NVX80 is the only detector in the industry offering eight detection channels – 4x forward looking PIR channels… Read More »

By Ahmed Ezz, التعليقات على MG5050 MAGELLAN 32-Zone Wireless Transceiver Control Panel مغلقة Paradox, Wireless networks

Common Features StayD Mode Built-in transceiver (433MHz or 868MHz) 32 zones (any of which can be wireless) 32 users and 32 remote controls (one per user) 2 partitions 4-wire communication bus (connect up to 15 keypads) Supports REM3 hand-held remote… Read More »

By Ahmed Ezz, التعليقات على Home Automation System مغلقة Digital Smart

Super Slim Wall mounted home Automation unit by Samsung. Slim 10″ colour TFT touch screen system iPad, iPhone and computer interface within Wifi network Door answering and release CCTV integration with other Samsung CCTV Lights, gas valve, air conditioner, etc… Read More »